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Autovermietung Burgas


Burgas is the largest and most important economic, cultural, administrative center of the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. According to current information, Burgas, with its 230 961 inhabitants, occupies the fourth place by population in the country, after Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Here is also the busiest airport in the country, after this in Sofia. The port of Burgas has the largest turnover of goods in Bulgaria. In summer, the city is visited by Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The location of the city of Burgas is not only of great strategic importance, thanks to it. As a port city with its own international airport, as well as very well-developed ground infrastructure,Burgas gives ideal conditions for the development of all types of industry. According to foreign investors, the advantages of Burgas over Varna are the better developed infrastructure, the full port from an industrial point of view, and good access to raw materials.

Interesting places

Burgas is often called the Bulgarian San Francisco. Because of the small streets in the center, the old houses and the picturesque sea garden, Burgas is considered the most romantic city in Bulgaria. It is the home of many famous personalities, connected with culture and art. Songs were sung about the sea, the city and its famous evenings, which are undoubtedly cool and especially enjoyable for city walks. The streets are planted and the parks are well kept and beautiful. One of the city’s popular landmarks is the “Bridge” (wharf for walks), built in the 80s of the last century. In Bourgas region there are some ancient settlements, remnants of ancient civilizations and cultures. The biggest ones are: Nesebar (Mesembria),where are some of the oldest churches in our country; Sozopol (Apolonia); Pomorie (Anchialo); Deultum (near village, Debelt); the fortress Russokastro; Begliktasch – ancient Thracian sanctuary (near Primorsko) etc.